FAQ’s:: Top 10 apps I use on my phone

Happy Monday to you!  It you have been following the blog at all, you know that I have started a mini series where I am answering questions that I frequently get from photographers and friends.  Continuing on today the next question that I wanted to address::

What are some of your favorite apps that you use on your phone?

So here goes with links to all.

White Noise:: I love using this app when I am at a newborn session and baby is having troubles sleeping.  Simply put your phone under baby as they are restless (making sure mom and dad are ok with it!) and ta-da: a hand held noise machine!

Everlance:: This app keeps track of the miles I’ve used and can write off for business purposes.  It is seriously amazing.  I had Mile Tracker (which is a similar app) but for some reason, just liked this one more.  There is an annual fee that you pay to track your miles, but I have found it completely worth it.  I am notified when I have not tracked miles and at the end of the week, month and year.

Uber:: I mainly use this app when working in the city or on vacation.  I feel like Uber has changed the way I travel and think of traveling through the city!!

Pay Pal:: I do take a few credit card payments from clients and when I do, I use this app to send and track payments.

My Radar:: A free app that I have found to be super accurate when tracking weather on a wedding day (ore really any day).

PicTapGo:: From the founders of Totally Rad Actions, PicTapGo is a quick way for me to edit the photos taken on my phone when I add them to Instagram or Facebook.  There is a small fee for this app, but again, I know the software and I love it!

Snapchat:: Now I am not a huge user of snapchat, but one thing I love, and so do my kids, and probably most kids are their fun filters.  Have a hard kid when doing a family session, help them warm up by putting some fun filters on and making them laugh ( of  course when after checking with mom and dad!)

Tiny Scanner:: Another free app I use when needing to send and scan documents to clients.  Simply use the app to take a photo and whammo, you have a PDF ready to go out to your client!  Unless you are able to upgrade, you can only keep 2 documents in the program (kind of a downer).

Google Maps:: Way better than the maps app that comes with the phone (in my humble opinion). Google maps is more up to date and helps me to know where to go and that I am on the fastest route!

HootSuite:: This is my last and favorite app.  Hootsuite lets you schedule out all social media posts in advance.  I mainly use this app when I am on vacation, but want to maintain consistency when posting to social media sites.  A notification is sent and simply swipe to post.  The downside is that it still does take some time to do unless you upgrade to auto scheduling (something I am contemplating). You still have to go into your notification and copy and paste to your social media site, but can still write out in advance what you would like to say rather than spending time thoughout the day thinking about it!

Have any other great apps that you like?  Please share, I always finding ones that will make my days more seamless and easier!


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