Vendor Highlight:: Designs by Rita

Rita and I met a few years back when she was the florist at a wedding I was photographing.  I really admire her work and when I asked if she would help me with a spring maternity session by creating a floral crown, she gladly agreed!   She is a veteran in the floral world and someone I look up to as a business owner.  In the ever-changing world of weddings, sticking around and maintaining quality business is hard to come by.  Rita is the real deal. If you have a minute to check her work out, you will not be disappointed. Below are some questions I asked her to answer!

What are 3 words describe your work? 
Honest, Reasonable, Beautiful

How long have you been in business? 
I have been doing flowers for 30 years. 

Why or how did you get started in your industry? 
I wanted my own business and I love being creative, flowers and weddings seemed like a perfect fit!

What have weddings taught you? 
That traditions change and everyone has their own vision.

What is your style?
My style is my customers style. I truly try to capture the look they are going for.

What is the best thing you have seen happen on a wedding day? 
For me personally as the florist, when the bride is brought to tears when she sees her bouquet for the first time. 

What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?
Like many, Pinterest. However, my inspiration comes from my customers, their vision and always keeping up to date with designs, themes and color palettes.

What’s your favorite way to wind down after a hard day? 
Time spent with family and friends. Maybe some snuggle time with my dogs. Sometimes, getting in my sewing room and finding other ways of being creative.

Best or worst wedding advice you received when you got married? 
Best…Always remain friends and laugh together, because at the end of the day…you will need that.

Advice you would give to newly engaged couples. 
Continue to go on dates…FOREVER. Remind yourself during the rough times what brought you to this place in your life to begin with and if you feel you lost that…FIND IT AGAIN!

What sets you apart in your industry or what do your clients say about you?
My clients like that I’m up front and honest. I don’t push things upon them, I am here to bring their vision to life and to guide them in that direction. They like the fact that my years of experience not only lies in my floral designs, but in planning and organizing of the event itself.

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