FAQ’S: Workflow and editing

Continuing on with some the small series of frequently asked questions I started last week, I am moving on to another question I received about workflow and editing.

Q: What sorts of editing software do you use and what does your workflow look like?

This is a question I not only get from other photographers, but a question my clients like to know.  Everyone’s systems are different and can be changing as new software comes out.  My current workflow after a wedding or session takes place generally looks like this: (and of course a list, because if you know me at all, you know I love lists!)

  1. After coming home from a session I upload all the files to an external hard drive.  If it was a wedding I was shooting, I will upload 1-2 photos on Facebook and Instagram the night of the wedding for the couple to have something to view when they get finished with the evening or for guest to see.
  2. Usually the day after the shoot or wedding, I will take the images into PhotoMechanic, and cull through the photos.  I choose some for blog posts, and then others to be edited for the entire gallery.  If you don’t know anything about PhotoMechanic, it is an incredibly fast culling system and well worth the investment!
  3. From there, I take the photos into Lightroom to edit in the Develop Module.  I edit first the photos for the blog, and if its a wedding, export the photos to dropbox, for my wonderful and incredibly talented editor Anne to edit.  If it is a full session, I edit through the rest of the photos for the client’s gallery in Lightroom. (Use this LINK to get a 30 day FREE trial to Lightroom and Photoshop in Adobe’s Creative Cloud)
  4. From there, I typically take photos that need further tweaks and edits into Photoshop for deeper editing (typically for newborn skin, removing items out of photos, dodging and burning shadows, etc.)
  5. After the photos are complete and edited, either from Anne or myself, I will bring the photos to Pass (the gallery viewing system) for clients to view and download their photos.
  6. When the photos are ready to be blogged (weddings are typically 2-3 days after the wedding, and lifestyle sessions can be later), I take the photos into BlogStomp.  This software is so slick and has made blogging for me faster and more efficient. There are so many options of putting photos together and it creates the sizing without having to take the time to resize each individual image.  Literally I can create a blog post in 10 minutes!
  7. For weddings, I also create a slideshow of the couple which is posted to Vimeo and I also attach to their blog post.  To create this, I use Animoto software, which creates a beautiful slideshow.  This software is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro level if you are wanting more options. (Get a free month when you use this LINK)
  8. The last thing I do mainly for wedding clients, but sometime Lifestyle clients, is to create an album for them.  In designing albums, I use Fundy Album Designer.  This drag and drop software again, makes creating an album fast and efficient.  I process most of my images and albums through White House Custom Colour, but if you have another lab that you work with, I am positive that they have your album company!

Phew!  I know. That is a lot of information thrown at you!  It can be overwhelming if you are just starting your business, but gradually if you add systems and software it will help you immensely be more efficient with your time so you can get back to other things!  Also, if you haven’t noticed, check out all the items in RED, as there are promo codes and links to all the systems that I use!  Have a fabulous Monday and feel free to e-mail me with other questions you might want me to answer!


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