Brian class of 2010

Brian is such an easy going guy who loves Cross country skiing.  He is headed to Green Bay next year to ski for theirView full post »

Happy birthday sister

If you have a sister I know you can relate.  I have 2 of them.  I am the oldest.  My role has been noted as theView full post »

September in squares

Life in the Feder home is super busy this month.  I got this idea from a photographer that I follow out in CA (her linkView full post »

rediscovering the 50

A while back as I was chatting with a photographer friend of mine, we were discussing lenses.  She asked me, “doView full post »


Thanks for following the blog!  If you follow regularly, would you drop me a line to let me know?  Thanks! HappyView full post »

Andy and Maria 08.22.09

Andy and I grew up going to the same church, and crazy enough, his dad was my pastor for a number of years.  So when heView full post »